RoomEscapeArtist in the News December 2015

As room escape games make their way into mainstream culture, news publications are noticing… And we’ve been responding to an increasing volume of press inquiries.

Megan Dolan published two pieces in different Texas publications. The piece she wrote for Reporting Texas is one of the best researched articles I’ve seen from the press.

No escaping this phenomenon: Puzzle rooms are popping up everywhere, The Dallas Morning News

No Escape: ‘Panic Rooms’ Are Popping Up Everywhere, Reporting Texas

Christina O’Connor wrote a lovely piece about the arrival of room escapes in Hawaii, one of the last states to join our map. (Alaska and Wyoming  still need some escape game love.)

Breakout Waikiki, Metro HNL

In the News

Moving forward our we’ll be adding media references to our “In the News” page.


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