REA Weekly Roundup – August 20, 2017

Greetings from Minneapolis! And for anyone curious what this market has to offer… the reviews will start publishing in September.

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Join us November 3-4, 2017 for Escape Immerse Explore: NYC 2017, a tailored tour through many of New York City’s best escape rooms. Tickets are on sale now.

Featured escape rooms

Part escape room part obstacle course, F5 had us fleeing from a tornado.

Something different

At the Chicago Room Escape Conference last year we met Jason Richard of Steal and Escape in San Diego. At the time, Jason was struggling to keep his escape room business afloat. Tone from Trapdoor Unlocked recorded an impromptu, late-night, slightly alcohol-fueled video featuring a number of folks giving Jason advice. We checked in with him a year later to see which he changes he has implemented and where he is heading. 

Featured products

Illuminating Wood is a pretty nifty trick. Read more about this and other puzzles available from Riddlefactory.

From the community

A year and a half ago we reviewed the Escape Room in a Box prototype, and had a great time. We’re happy to hear that Juliana and Ariel have a new partner to help them bring future games to market.

Christine Barger, The Haunt Girl, is a professional ventriloquist and member of the Magic Castle. Over the last couple years she has taken us to the Magic Castle as her guests, and once used David and me as her dummies. This week she posted a spoiler-free video reviewing a popup escape room in the Magic Castle… we’re super envious and wish we’d gotten to play.

Think twice before you jab that fork into an electrical outlet: If you die in an Escape Room, you die in real life.

That’s all folks… and remember, you can never build a set too rugged:

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