REA Weekly Roundup – August 27, 2017

Greetings from Budapest!

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Join us November 3-4, 2017 for Escape Immerse Explore: NYC 2017, a tailored tour through many of New York City’s best escape rooms. Tickets are on sale now.

Featured escape rooms

In the past month, we’ve reviewed 4 very different Egyptian tombs. Each one had an outstanding set:

  • The Egyptian Tomb at Escape Room Mystery in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
  • The Tomb at Bates Motel Escape Rooms in West Chester, Pennsylvania
  • Pharaoh’s Revenge at Escape Room Challenge in Evesham Township, New Jersey
  • The Tomb at Bright Asylum in Passaic, New Jersey

Something different

This week’s player tip: how to sit out in an escape room

Featured products

Of the 3 at-home escape rooms released by Exit: The Game, The Pharaoh’s Tomb was our favorite.

From the community

We dropped in for a 15-minute segment on this week’s No Proscenium podcast. To hear us talk about escape rooms, start around minute 4:23. Stick around to hear from Kevin Williams of FOIL.

Are you interested in an a club for the magical arts in New York City? Magician Vinny DePonto and a team of Queen of the Night alumni behind the immersive events company MinuteZero are looking to realize that wish through this Kickstarter for The Conjuror’s Club.

Check out this video of KFC’s VR escape room training game. You too can learn a dumb-downed version of making fried chicken through this condescending wonka-esque nightmare. Pay special attention to the Colonel’s incredibly creepy cough:

To those of you in Texas, we hope you are all ok. We’re thinking about you.

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