REA Weekly Roundup – November 19, 2017

This weekend we’re getting ready for the holidays!

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One January 2nd, we’ll announce our 2017 Golden Lock-In award winners. In the mean time, look back at the escape rooms that won in 2016 and 2015.

Featured escape rooms

We’ve started publishing reviews from our October trip to Louisiana:

Spellbound at RISE Escape Rooms in Tickfaw looked amazing, played smoothly, put smart twists on established puzzle types, and created a strong sense of adventure.

Through its imposing and detailed set, The Collector at 13th Gate Escape in Baton Rouge came to life in a way that most “murder basement”-style games do not achieve.

Something different

We hosted a successful event in New York City earlier this month. Read our follow-up thoughts.

Featured products

‘Tis the season. Check out our escape room lovers 2017 holiday buyer’s guide.

From the community

Try Darren Miller’s Thanksgiving puzzle!

The Escape Room Divas recently interviewed cryptex creator Justin Nevins. His cryptex was the clear winner of our Cryptex Review Extravaganza.

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