REA Weekly Roundup – November 26, 2017

We hope our readers in the United States had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We certainly enjoyed ours.

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Looking for holiday gifts? Check out our Room Escape Lover’s 2017 Holiday Buyer’s Guide!

On January 2nd, we’ll announce our 2017 Golden Lock-In award winners. In the meantime, look back at the escape rooms that won in 2016 and 2015.

Featured escape rooms

Next up in reviews from our October trip to Louisiana:

Escape My Room’s Inventor’s Attic was unique and beautifully designed with surprising reveals and brilliant interactions.

13th Gate Escape’s Tomb of Anubis included the most dramatic and exciting reveal we’ve experienced in an escape room to date.

Something different

This week we discussed the meaning of “single use” in escape rooms.

Featured products

Sleuth Kings is a new play-at-home escape game subscription service with a fantastic concept and an interesting structure that mixes mailed materials with online inputs. We recently reviewed Case 001: The Guilty.

From the community

Boss Keys released their The Legend of Zelda 1 & 2. It’s a great exploration of some bad design decisions made in early video games, and there’s a lot to extrapolate about escape room design. Read our full write up of Boss Keys.

In & Of Itself extends its New York run through May 18, 2018. Last week we met Ms. Tomorrow in Panera… who invited our friend back to that night’s show. Get yourself a ticket to this one. You want to understand what that sentence means.

Finally, this is a fantastic story on social engineering past security. This is interesting stuff with a lot of real life security lessons.

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