REA Weekly Roundup – January 14, 2017

Greetings from the MIT Mystery Hunt in Boston!

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Featured Escape Rooms

San Diego: Steal and Escape lovingly crafted Mysterious Stranger to surprise and delight players of all experience levels. It drew on well established, successful gameplay tactics and combined these with original concepts. While it was search-heavy, search solves were unusually rewarding.

Something Different

Why would you ever offer a refund? We explored how selective refunds could grow your business.

Featured Products

The Decoder Ring Organization Season One: Roland delivered interactive fiction to our home. It would be great for anyone looking to sink their teeth into a mystery, in episodic installments over a period of time. If you’re looking for more focused puzzling and gameplay, this won’t be for you.

REA Classic of the Week

November 19, 2014:  The Couple Trap. Remind new teammates to avoid this hazard.

From the Community

New Englanders: While the good folks from Boxaroo are still closed, on February 3rd they’ll be running a puzzle event, The Perfect Heist Part 1: The Plan. I wish we could make it to this one.

A few weeks ago we reviewed (and loved) Gorogoa. If you enjoyed it, this long read on its design process is a must read.

Finally, this is kind of insane:

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