REA Weekly Roundup – January 28, 2018

This weekend we enjoyed a marathon day of escape rooms along the Jersey shore.REA Round Up logo with an up arrow atop the letter d.


We already have a great group of folks attending our NYC Room Escape Fan Shindig. We hope you can join us too!

Featured Escape Rooms

New Haven, CT: We were pleasantly shocked by the second act after being underwhelmed when we set foot in The Initiative. Narratively, Elm City Escape paid off the banality of the opening sequence and they rewarded us with fantastic gameplay later on. Worth it.

Something Different

2017 Golden Lock-In Award winning company Puzzalarium doesn’t just create escape rooms: The Floor is Lava was a human-scale social deduction game that happened to be at an escape room facility. It was massive and fun. The set was fantastic. We wish that it weren’t on the other side of the continent.

Today we offer 13 Tips for Opening an Escape Room.

Featured Products

You have 1 day left to back The Conjurer’s Almanaq: Escape this Book on Kickstarter.

REA Classic of the Week

June 13, 2015: Playing Room Escapes with Children.

From the Community

Based on the series on the recent reviews from The Logic Escapes Me, it seems that Hamburg, Germany is a fantastic place to escape rooms.

And there’s this:

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