REA Weekly Roundup – February 4, 2018

If you’re enjoying the Super Bowl, check out the featured review below!

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We’re looking forward to seeing/meeting many of you at our NYC Room Escape Fan Shindig. If you’re reading this, and you live in New York City, we really hope you’ll join us there.

Featured Escape Rooms

New England fans, this one is for you: We don’t find a lot of apartment-themed escape rooms that are worth exploring. This one was. The Titletown Ring Thief was a well-executed, standard escape room with great puzzles. While we wished the ending were a bit more dramatic, we had a lot of fun playing. We appreciated that The Titletown Ring Thief was so very Massachusetts. Escape Room Westford knows its audience.

New Yorkers, this one is worth a drive to Westchester: Puzzle Parlour made subtle changes to a popular escape room theme to deliver more drama, adventure, hidden technology, and consequences than most. While we wished Puzzle Parlour had built a more captivating environment, they justified the setting and scenario through gameplay. The brilliance of The Heist Part 1 will be lost on most players, but maybe this doesn’t matter.

Something Different

We investigated this week’s patent claim: beware of the patent troll.

Featured Products

Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment is now available from Mattel. It’s a little different, but we still recommend it.

REA Classic of the Week

July 19, 2015: Famous Geeks Escape a Horror Room Escape [with so many spoilers].

From the Community

Check out Escape Jam LA on Sunday, Feb 25th, 2018: Want to try your hand at designing an Escape Room? The Escape Jam is a new event in Los Angeles for anyone who loves playing, designing, and learning about escape-room-style challenges and puzzles, all while meeting new people and having a blast! This will be the third event of its kind and we’ve heard fantastic feedback on the previous two.

Hourglass Escapes posted a how to guide for creating a puzzle box.

Then there’s this illusion floor:

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