REA Weekly Roundup – February 25, 2018

The Prexcyt Quest has begun!

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Did you miss last November’s NYC Escape Room Tour? Stay tuned for next Sunday’s blog post.

On March 7, we’re hosting a NYC Room Escape Fan Shindig. We’re thrilled by how many folks have RSVPed so far, many of whom we haven’t met yet.

Featured Escape Rooms

Salt Lake City: Reactor Room at Getout Games was a challenging game with exciting and memorable moments.

New York City: The Taken at Element Quest was a SAW-esque horror escape room with nifty interactions and some startling moments. It’s worth the subway ride deep into Brooklyn.

Something Different

Building on David’s first letter lock word exploration, this week we published another: Ever wondered what words are possible with WordLock’s 5 disk letter lock? Read this one through to the end for a laugh.

Featured Products

Lockbox Mysteries offers a product for folks in Salt Lake City: Sherlock Holmes and the Great Charade can be picked up and played at home. They’ve crammed a ton of gameplay into a portable structure.

From the Community

If you’re interested in making your own at-home escape rooms for friends and family, check out DIY Escape Room. They have lots of content to help you produce your own amateur games.

And finally, remember kids: “Finger strength only.”

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