Escape Room News: November 2018

Escape Room News: 
November 2018

This is our second escape room newsletter. We’re planning to make this a monthly feature. Please share your news with us.

Washington, DC / Northern Virginia (metro area)

  • Escape Room Woodbridge just opened their latest room, Speakeasy. Their next project, coming in Spring 2019, will be an arc story to their current game The Haunt. Stay tuned. 
  • Escape Room Herndon recently opened a new room: Maritime Mutiny. The pirate captain Ravensbeard has been cheating you and the crew out of your rightful share of plunder! Now that hornswoggling scoundrel has barricaded himself in his quarters. You and your mates must break in to reclaim what be rightfully yours and send that scurvy dog to Davey Jones’ Locker. If you’re crafty enough, mayhaps you’ll even commandeer the whole galleon.

San Diego, CA

  • Golden Lock-In recipient, Puzzalarium has a new game open… or maybe it’s opening soon… or maybe it’s a puzzle? Check out Boiler Room.
  • TV Host Julie Alexandria visited Steal and Escape and produced this great video.

Kauai, HI

  • Kauai Escape Room has opened a new game: Quest For the Lost Continent. Intrepid adventurers have been flocking to Tiki Island to search for the famed Lost Continent of Lemuria. Entrance for private groups is granted through Kauai Escape Room.

Hutchinson, KS

  • MetaCog Escape Games is now open in Hutchinson, KS!

Boston, MA (Metro Area)

  • On December 16, We will be hosting an Escape Room Fan Shindig in Boston, MA. This is a casual gathering for folks to meet each other and chat about escape rooms and other immersive entertainment. We’ll be giving a short talk as well. Meet us there!
  • Curious Escape Rooms announces We the Enthusiasts: Escape Room Enthusiast Passports: Collect a special stamp from every game you play at a participating Escape Room business! These durable leatherette bound and saddle stitched books with a gold foiled covers are the perfect memorabilia to fit in a purse or pocket. A list of participating businesses with unique stamps for each of their games is at! Passports are currently for sale for $9.99 at Curious Escape Rooms in Fitchburg, MA with more locations coming soon.

Detroit, MI (Metro Area)

  • Decode Escape Rooms is opening their second location this week: Decode Ypsilanti. This new location will open for regular bookings in December.

New York, NY

  • Unreal Escapes in Staten Island has opened a new game: Disco 54 NYC. (After playing their first game Battleship earlier this summer, we are looking forward to visiting!)
  • Neil Patrick Harris visited Exit Escape Room NYC played High Speed NYC.  (This game has been one of our go-to recommendations for newbies and experienced players alike.)
Neil Patrick Harris and team's victorious post-game photo in front of a subway car at High Speed NYC.

Syracuse, NY

  • The Museum of Intrigue has added a new way to play — the Journal of Intrigue! Not only does it act as a stamp passport to track our catalogue of 30+ on and off-site games, but it holds another level of mystery. Each time a story is completed successfully in the Museum itself, the journal is updated with clues, photos, and more. Complete bonus puzzles and uncover the Museum’s past, and earn prizes for your troubles! Available for $30 at the front desk during your visit. (We have been waiting for this!)

Nashville, TN (metro area)

  • LiveMinds Adventure Escape in Franklin, TN is under new ownership. Two local escape room companies teamed up on this venture. They will reopen Treasure of Pacari in early December. (If you have played at LiveMinds before, the updated version will be about 50% different.) They will also reopen Knight Sky later in December, which will be redesigned with entirely new puzzles and a new story line. The new owners have plans for more rooms at LiveMinds Adventure Escape in the new year.


Created for & by Escape Room Enthusiasts

  • The Top Escape Rooms Project is an attempt to find the very best escape rooms in the world. Rich Bragg and Errol Elumir announced the winners on Facebook Live earlier this month. The list of 25 winning escape rooms and 10 winning companies is now published on the Top Escape Room Project website, along with a ton of other ranked escape rooms and additional data. Here is our write up.
  • Errol Elumir of The Room Escape Divas posted an escape room enthusiast survey, open during July – August 2018. The survey produced an incredibly interesting data set. This month, we dug into the data and published 7 Unexpected Tidbits from the 2018 Escape Room Enthusiast Survey.
  • Looking for holiday gifts for other escape room enthusiasts? Check our our Room Escape Lover’s 2018 Holiday Buyer’s Guide.

Online / On Paper

  • The Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle from November 11, 2018 was an escape room in crossword form. It was also a contest. Can you escape this crossword puzzle? Here is our write up.

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We haven’t visited many of the companies featured in this news bulletin, but they shared news with us and we’re excited to share it with you. Follow their lead and submit your news!

News items include:

  • Facility openings & closings
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  • Special events
  • Escape room-related products
  • Escape room-related intrigue of all sorts
  • Celebrity visits (if you have a post-game photo that we can publish)

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