Escape Room News: December 2018

Escape Room News: 
December 2018

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Anaheim, CA

  • Cross Roads Escape Games, creator of the 2016 Golden Lock-In Award-winning Hex Room, has opened a new game: The Psych Ward is not your average escape room. It is an interactive game of deduction, trust, and betrayal, with escape room, board game, and immersive theatre elements. We’re intrigued.

Washington, CT

  • There is a new escape room at The Institute for American Indian Studies: can you thrive for a day in 1518? In an immersive forest setting with no locks, keys or clocks, Wigwam Escape‘s thematic puzzles challenge game players to hunt, find water and prepare food similar to how Native people did for thousands of years prior to European contact.

Washington, DC

  • Escape Room Live has left their original small basement digs at 2300 Wisconsin Ave. in DC’s Glover Park. Their upstairs neighbor, Insomnia Escape, has taken over the space with a new game, The Patient. Insomnia plans to bring another game to that space in the near future. Escape Room Live still has two much larger facilities in Georgetown, DC and Alexandria, VA.

Tickfaw, LA

  • Rise Escape Rooms will be closing their escape room business on February 1, 2019. They will be focusing on their seasonal haunted house business instead. We’re incredibly sad to see them close their doors. Spellbound, Hijacked, and The Bookie were wonderful escape rooms. We’re glad to hear that they sold the games to good homes.

Frederick, MD

  • Clue IQ opened a Christmas-themed escape room called Holiday Hijinks for families to spend some puzzling time together to get in the holiday spirit!

New York, NY

  • Mission Escape Games has two new games coming soon to their Flushing, NY location: The Secret of the Alchemist and The Enigma Mission. Stay tuned for booking details soon.
  • Myss Tic is about a week away from the end of their Kickstarter campaign to launch in Brooklyn, NY. Their Montauk Project is almost ready to open.

Troy, NY

  • Enigmatic Escapes’ new room Defeat the Biz is now open. In this retro return to the year 1990, you are employees in the hottest consumer electronics store around and you have an hour to open or lose your jobs!

Portland, OR

  • Hour to Midnight has opened a new game called House of DarknessIt is part escape room and part haunted house; only the brave should tackle this one! Having played The Secrets of Nibiru last year, we’re looking forward to getting back out to Portland to play.

Houston, TX

  • Strange Bird Immersive, creators of the 2017 Golden Lock-In Award-winning The Man from Beyond, is moving… and there’s a puzzle game involved: in the free online game “Where’s Walter,” follow Madame Daphne’s bird Walter across the map of Houston to learn where Strange Bird is moving… and maybe get a hint of what else that new location will hold.




  • We will announce the 2018 Golden Lock-In Award winners on January 2 at 8:30pm Eastern. We will livestream the announcement and then publish the blog post.
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  1. Do you know who bought Rise Escape Rooms’s games? Haven’t played them yet!

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