Last Chance for New Orleans Tour Tickets!

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If you’re on the fence about Escape, Immerse, Explore: New Orleans this July, you have 1 week left to decide… unless other people claim the last few tickets first.

The last day to purchase tickets is Tuesday, May 28.

This tour takes place Friday July 12 – Sunday July 14.

Your Ticket Includes

This tour includes 9 escape rooms and numerous other awesome things!

  • Escape My Room, New Orleans (2 escape rooms)
  • Clue Carré, New Orleans (2 escape rooms)
  • 13th Gate Escape, Baton Rouge (5 escape rooms… including their new horror game Asylum!)
  • An immersive puzzle event set in the French Quarter, designed and produced by Escape My Room
  • A weekend with Lisa and David as escape room tour guides
  • A talk by Lisa and David
  • A catered group meal
  • Bus transportation to 13th Gate Escape
  • Exclusive discount coupons to book additional escape rooms at these venues
  • Networking with other tour attendees
  • The option to play an escape room with Lisa or David
  • Event t-shirt

We have an incredible group of folks coming to this event from all over the country… and even from the other side of the world. Yes, 1 person is coming from Australia! On this trip you will have teammates who are as excited about these escape rooms as you are!

This is all included in your ticket for $799 per person.

Take Advantage

While in town, you can take advantage of the amazing food, drink, and partying that New Orleans has to offer.

Escape My Room will have Escape Extinction: Sharks running at the aquarium. Clue Carré will have new games open at their new location in Surge Trampoline Park. While these games aren’t officially part of the tour, you will have time to book them while you are in town. You will be some of the first players in the community to see these new attractions.

Don’t Wait

These tickets are only available until Tuesday, May 28th. There are only a few left and we anticipate they will sell out before the week is up. Buy your ticket today!

Any questions? Read the FAQ or contact us. We’re happy to help you figure out if this tour is right for you.

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