Buy Eliza’s Discounted Escape, Immerse, Explore NOLA Ticket!

Escape, Immerse, Explore New Orleans starts this Friday. It is sold out!

However, one of our Explorers, Eliza, had some plans suddenly change on her. She now has an extra ticket that none of us want to see go to waste.

The purple, gold, and blue Escape Immerse Explore New Orleans Logo

Act Now

She’s offering this ticket at a 20% discount. For $640, you can join us this weekend in New Orleans and help out a fellow escape room player.

For more tour details, you can read up on EIE NOLA 2019.

If you’re interested in snagging this ticket, contact us immediately and we’ll help facilitate the transaction.

We’d love to meet you just as much as we want to help Eliza out.

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