Deep Discounts on Escape Room Tabletop Games

Amazon is currently running an up to 40% discount off of a surprising number of some of our favorite tabletop escape games, as well as our favorite tabletop collaborative games.

Here are a few deals you should consider:

Tabletop Escape Games

Collaborative Tabletop Games

  • Gloomhaven – we’re in the middle of this beast and it’s a commitment, but incredible, and $85 is remarkably inexpensive for this game
  • Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert, & Forbidden Sky – I love this series of easy-to-learn, quick-to-play, challenging-to-master games. They require escape-room-esque teamwork, and the components are gorgeous.

Support Room Escape Artist’s Mission

There are lots of ways to support Room Escape Artist, like buying from Amazon, Etsy, or Art of Play after clicking into the links included in this post or backing us on Patreon.

The money that we make from these helps us to grow the site and continue to add more value to the community that we love so much.


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