Today is Amazon Prime Day!

In advance of Amazon Prime Day, we’ve updated our Tabletop Escape Game Recommendations Guide.

Over the past few years the Room Escape Artist team has played and loved many different styles of tabletop escape games. Here’s a list of our favorites, organized into a few categories, as we do.

We’ve also selected a few favorite deals for you to take advantage of today.

Depicts an assortment of items from fantastic tabletop escape rooms.

Tabletop Escape Games Recommendations Guide

At Room Escape Artist, we cover all types of escape rooms including real-life, virtual, and tabletop. The whole team works to keep all the guides up to date, based on our recent reviews.

You can find all the in regional recommendations guides here and all the remote recommendations guides here.

Thank you to Matthew Stein for updating this tabletop recommendations guide with all our recent favorites!

Amazon Prime Day Deals

Escape Room Games

Escape from the Mall, Professor Puzzle (Amazon) – From a conceptual and narrative standpoint, it was the most original and fun installment of the Quick-Fire Escape Rooms, but as a puzzle game, it was the most generic. (Review)

The Forgotten Island, Exit: The Game (Amazon) – This is a quintessential Exit: The Game installment. If you love the style, you’ll likely enjoy the puzzles here. (Review)

The Missed Flight from Puzzle Post, Puzzled Post (Amazon) – This is a fun entry level game. It is compact and player-friendly. (Review)

Unlock! Epic Adventures (Amazon) – There are a lot of Unlock! games, and we haven’t played this set yet… but the best way to play Unlock! is on sale. This one certainly has an eclectic set of themes.

Tabletop Games

Escape from Iron Gate, The Escape Game (Amazon) – It is light-hearted, easy to learn, and varied. The constant flux of game modes keeps things playful. It’s great if you like tabletop games, party games, and puzzles. (Review)

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 (Amazon) – We absolutely love this game! We interviewed the creator on REPOD.

Mysterium (Amazon) – This is one of the most frequently played tabletop games in our collection. It’s collaborative, easy to learn, challenging to master, and incredibly replayable.


Schroedingers Cat, iDventure Cluebox (Amazon) – Laser cut out of wood, this resettable puzzle box is like a happy marriage of mechanical puzzle box design with escape room elements. (Review)

The Master Theorem (Amazon) – This is a pure puzzle book presented beautifully. It was pretty, well written, and beautifully presented. (Review)


FriXion Ball Erasable Gel Ink Pens (Amazon) – These things have become our go-to pens for puzzling. We love them! (Review)

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