Escapism – Gallery 3919 [Review]

A colorful mission. Location: San Diego, CA Date played: December 4, 2017 Team size: 1-12; we recommend 3-5 Duration: 60 minutes Price: $35 per ticket, purchasing 8 tickets makes the game private REA Reaction Gallery 3919 would be a fun and exciting entry point into escape rooms. Gallery 3919 overlaid standard escape room gameplay with some exciting twists. Considering how long Escapism … Continue reading Escapism – Gallery 3919 [Review]

San Diego, CA: Room Escape Recommendations

Latest Update: February 23, 2018 We spent almost all of our 24 hours in beautiful San Diego locked in giant puzzles. Regrets? None. It’s a fun, puzzley escape room market. It has a surprisingly different feel from Los Angeles, considering how geographically close they are. Here are a few of our favorites broken out by … Continue reading San Diego, CA: Room Escape Recommendations