REA Statement on COVID-19

We are hosting two escape room tours and a convention in 2020.

We feel it is our responsibility as event organizers to address concerns around COVID-19.

Last night we published the Reality Escape Convention’s Statement on COVID-19.

We realize that the tours are approaching more quickly than RECON. These are smaller events with less risk of exposure. That said, we are monitoring the situation closely and we will be sharing updates with our attendees as they become available.

In all cases, our sentiment and approach remains the same:

We’re going to do the research and hard work to take care of our attendees. If you were on our New Orleans Tour last year when a hurricane struck, you would have seen how tirelessly we worked to turn that event into a success through dedication, adaptability, and a near total lack of sleep.

We truly appreciate those who have purchased tickets to our 2020 events already. We want the rest of the community to purchase with confidence that those hosting them are attentive, responsive, and alert.

Introducing the Escape Immerse Explore 2020: Montreal Logo

We’re a week into selling tour tickets for Montreal and we’re a little more than half sold out.

Celebrating the milestone, we’re revealing the logo for Escape Immerse Explore 2020: Montreal.

Escape Immerse Explore logo in red and white, abstractly mimicking the Canadian flag.
Thank you Errol & Manda for your Canadian cultural assistance.

Read up on the tour and consider joining us. We have an amazing selection of companies and games lined up.

Past Tour Logos

With each tour we play with the logo. Check out our past tour logos.

Last Chance To Book Escape, Immerse, Explore: The Palace

It’s getting to be that time folks. We’re down to the last few tickets to our brand new tour Escape, Immerse, Explore: The Palace.

This trip to San Francisco is going to be amazing. We’d love to have you join us.

Escape Immerse Explore Palace logo, uses art deco design elements.

We have updates on a few topics:

  • Schedule Updates
  • Key Dates
  • Partial Tickets
  • Escape The Palace/ Talk Tickets

Tour Schedule Updates

We’ve made a few schedule updates:

The development of Palace Games’ 4th installment is running behind, so we had to pull it from the schedule. In its place, we will have EscapeSF’s Space Bus dock in Palace Games’ parking lot.

In-game: The Space Bus school bus with the Transamerica Pyramid in the background

Additionally, we will now be running Escape The Palace as a group event. This large-scale event requires a minimum of 30 people. We’re thrilled to include it on our tour. All ticket holders will play Escape the Palace together.

Key Dates

Booking Deadline

The absolute last day that we’ll be selling tickets is April 10th (if we don’t sell out first).

Hotel Deal Deadline

We have a group rate for a local hotel that ends on April 1st. If you’d like all the hotel information, book your tour tickets before April 1st.

Partial Tickets

If you’ve played some of the games on this tour already, but you still want to be a part of this event, this is the ticket for you.

With a partial ticket, you will play 2 escape rooms (instead of 4). You will participate in all the other parts of the tour including:

  • Lisa and David as escape room tour guides
  • Sunday Escape The Palace group event with all tour participants
  • A talk by Lisa and David
  • One group meal
  • Event t-shirt
  • Networking with other tour attendees
  • The option to play an escape room with Lisa or David
  • Teammates who are as excited about this trip as you are!
  • … and surprises!

To purchase a partial ticket, contact us. Please include a note with which game(s) you’ve ALREADY played. Please select Weekend ($499) or Weekday ($449).

Including partial tickets in the tour is a bit of a logistical complication on our end. To make this go smoothly, we’re skipping the order form and asking you to just contact us.

Escape The Palace/ Talk Tickets

This ticket type is geared toward San Francisco locals who have played all the games at Palace Games. It includes the Escape the Palace group event, a talk by Lisa and David, and a meal.

These activities will all take place on Sunday, June 2.

This ticket gives you the opportunity to meet all the wonderful folks coming to San Francisco for this event.

Ticket price is $84.

To purchase a ticket, fill out the order form and we’ll invoice you to complete the purchase.

Escape, Immerse, Explore: NOLA

We still have tickets available for our New Orleans tour. If you’ve never been, you really don’t want to miss this.

Buy these tickets before they sell out! It’s going to be another amazing weekend.

The Evolution of the Escape, Immerse, Explore Logo Design

We are all about minding the details of our escape room tours. This covers everything from our communication and player surveys to game selection and team assignments.

We don’t often draw attention to the graphic design.

We’ve been working with a brilliant graphic designer since the first tour. We were thrilled with her iconography for Escape, Immerse, Explore NYC 2017.

Escape Immerse Explore 2017 Chart logo

New Orleans 2018/ 2019

When we first extended the tour to New Orleans last year, we wanted to adapt the look of the logo to properly fit the city. We’d originally thought to create a unique logo, but our designer, in her genius, proposed adapting the first logo to evoke New Orleans… and so our Mardi Gras bead variant was born.

The purple, gold, and blue Escape Immerse Explore New Orleans Logo

We’re still excited about this design, so we’re keeping it for the 2019 NOLA tour.

The Palace

For Escape, Immerse, Explore: The Palace, she did it again, pulling elements from poster and sign design of the era. We love it… so we’re sharing it ahead of the tour.

Escape Immerse Explore Palace logo, uses art deco design elements.

There are still some tickets available, so act now. We’d love to have you join us and spend a a few days geeking out about wonderful escape rooms with you. Plus you’ll get a t-shirt with this design.