NYC Tour

This event took place in November of 2017.

We had an amazing time hosting this everyone. Read our more detailed thoughts about it.

Event description

Our first event Escape, Immerse, Explore: NYC 2017, a tailored tour of many of our favorite New York City escape rooms will be held on November 3-5, 2017.

Escape Immerse Explore NYC 2017 logo

The personalized tour includes:

  • 5 escape rooms
  • an immersive event
  • brunch, networking & a talk from Lisa & David


Participating Escape Rooms

As part of the event, you will visit at least five escape rooms from some of the best escape room companies* in New York City including:

*Not every tour track will visit every company.


First Person Xperience’s RED in Long Island City is a 75-minute psychological thriller where guests are immersed in an apocalyptic story, interact with real actors and special effects, and work together to complete an objective. RED is a live action experience where your actions and decisions matter, because in this show, YOU control how the story ends!

Escape Entertainment in Herald Square will be our hosts for a morning of breakfast, networking, and escape games.

Lisa and David will be giving a talk by players for players. Lisa and David have been featured speakers at Transworld’s Escape Room Shows in Chicago in 2016 and Niagara Falls in 2017 and at Up The Game in The Netherlands in 2017. This presentation will be exclusively available to event participants.

I couldn’t make it, but I’d like to in the future

If you’d like to attend an event like this in the future, let us know, and we’ll give you first dibs should we create another tour.