Live at 4pm Eastern: The 2020 Golden Lock Awards

The 6th Annual Golden Lock Award winners will be announced in just a few hours. Join us today at 4pm Eastern for the livestream award ceremony and conversation.

2020 Golden Lock Award Ribbon

We’re so excited to recognize our favorite escape rooms that we played in 2020 – both real-life and online – with this event.

Live Q&A

For the first time this year, the Golden Lock Award Livestream will include a live Q&A with Lisa and David, hosted by RECON’s popular Q&A host, Peih-Gee Law.

Throughout the broadcast, you can type your questions into the YouTube chat, and Peih-Gee will select from the questions for the Q&A.

About the Golden Lock Award

Check out our list of previous winners to learn more about the award and read about some phenomenal games:

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