Creators United – A Lost Memory [Hivemind Review]

A Lost Memory is a free digital game created by Creators United, a collaboration of escape game companies in The Netherlands.

An image from WWII of a man and woman swing dancing in front of a large audience.


Style of Play: something between a light puzzle hunt and an online point-and-click adventure game

Required Equipment: computer with internet connection, pen and paper.

There’s only one puzzle that is easier solved when printed. Otherwise, just have pen and paper ready to solve puzzles and keep notes.

Note that one puzzle required dialing a phone number in The Netherlands.

Recommended Team Size: 1-3

Play Time: 3-10 hours, per the website. Our reviewers took closer to 3 hours.

Price: free

Booking: play at any time


Players click on interesting parts of scenes in the game to reveal puzzles and information. The game asks you to enter codes and solutions as appropriate. Many puzzles require internet searches, but this often seems reasonable in context of the story.

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On Livestreaming After Our First Room Escapes Since March

It’s finally happening. We’re N95ing up to play our first two real-life room escapes since the first week of March.

The location has been specifically selected and we are taking a few extra precautions.

  • What games are we playing?
  • How are we going about this?
  • How will it go?

Find out at our post-play livestream on Sunday, November 8th. This will be an exclusive conversation with our Patreon supporters (at any backer level) as we try to get more creative with the ways that we reward them for helping to fund the growth and sustainability of Room Escape Artist.

A microhone resting on a mixing board.


Date: Sunday, November 8th

Time: 5:00PM Eastern Time

Access: Patreon supporters will receive the link through Patreon

Topics: We’ll be discussing the games that we played that day as well as our thoughts and observations on the current state of the industry. We will of course have a live Q&A where we chat about whatever our supporters have on their minds.


Welcome to our new backers: Angie Meyers, Bronna Butler, and Farand Pawlak. We’re thrilled to have your support.

And thank you to everyone who continues to help us each month:

Adwords Blackhat
Amanda Harris
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Video Available: Leveling Up Your Escape Room Tech

So many people told me at RECON that they were eager to watch Jason Richard’s tech session over and over again. It’s loaded with fantastic information for the aspiring escape room technologist. During RECON, this talk inspired an impromptu 2-hour conversation in the escape room tech channel, so we are thrilled to share it once again with the community:

Don’t forget to check out this companion document compiled by Hivemind reviewer Brett Kuehner. It’s loaded with all of the tools and programs that Jason references.

Featured Talk Information

Make It Work: Leveling Up Your Escape Room Tech

Details: Originally presented on Sunday, August 23 at 16:00 (New York)

Speaker: Jason Richard

Company: Steal and Escape

Abstract: Jason Richard is a self-taught escape room technologist. With solid game design principles realized through technology, he has invigorated his games. In this talk, you enter Jason’s workshop for an introduction to tools and techniques that you can use in your escape room – everything from how to solder to working with raspberry pi and arduino. Coming away from this talk, you’ll have the direction you need to dive into escape room technology. He can’t make you an expert, but he can set you on your path.

Headshot for Jason Richard.

Continued Conversation

We invite you to join Thursday’s video watch party and conversation with Jason in the RECON Discord.


Date: Thursday, October 29

Time: video watching begins at 7:00pm Eastern

Location: The RECON Discord

If you never registered for RECON, you can register here.

About RECON ’20

RECON ’20 was Room Escape Artist’s digital escape room convention featuring 15 pre-recorded talks, live Q&As, and over 30 exhibitors. We had over 900 attendees from 62 countries watching and participating live.

Each of the 15 talks will be made available for free on our YouTube channel this fall. We’ll release one each week.

Please subscribe to the RECON Newsletter to receive updates on RECON ’21 – we are just getting started.

Exit The Room – Madness [Hivemind Review]

Madness is a real-life escape room livestreamed and played through an avatar, created by Exit The Room.

Inventory system embedded in the Exit the Room website.


Style of Play: real-life escape room livestreamed and played through an avatar

Required Equipment: computer with internet connection

Recommended Team Size: 2-4

Play Time: 60 minutes

Price: $141 per team

Booking: book online for a specific time slot


This is a standard avatar adaptation of a real-life room where players view a shared video feed and give instructions to an avatar.

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Fuzzy Logic – Villains Lair [Hivemind Review]

Villains Lair is a real-life escape room livestreamed and played through an avatar, created by Fuzzy Logic in Downers Grove, IL.

An evilvillain's lab with a large raygun.


Style of Play: real-life escape room livestreamed and played through an avatar

Required Equipment: computer with an internet connection

Recommended Team Size: 2-5

Play Time: 60 minutes

Price: $69.99 for small groups or $99.99 for larger groups

Booking: book online for a specific time slot


This is a standard escape room played via avatar over Zoom. It uses Trello for inventory management. You’re a villain and you want to fire your mega-weapon to take over the city.

Team post-game photo for Villains. 34:35 on the clock.

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