In the News

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Here is a selection of media appearances:

CBS Sunday Morning (10/20/19)

New York Times, “Escape Rooms in an At-Home Era? Here’s the Key” by Alexis Soloski (11/5/20)

Bloomberg, “Escape Room Owners Solve the Pandemic Puzzle” by Dina Bass (5/20/20)

Quartz, “Obsessions: Escape Rooms” (10/10/19)

Vox, “The great escape: In a chaotic world, escape rooms make sense.” by Rachel Sugar (8/7/19)

BBC 5 Live radio interview following the tragedy in Poland (1/8/19)

EURONEWS NOW tv interview following the tragedy in Poland (1/8/19)

New York Times, “Poland Cracks Down on Escape Rooms After Deadly Fire,” by Joanna Berendt and Marc Santora (1/7/19)

Cincinnati Edition, “Escape Rooms: Why All The Hype?” with host Dan Hurley (12/10/18)

Weekly Standard, “Escape-room operators are locking in fun and profit,” by Hannah Long (12/14/18)

Ozy, “Ever Feel Boxed In? Try Breaking Out of a Haunted New Orleans Mansion,” by Nick Fouriezos (10/30/18)

Wall Street Journal, “Unlocking the Business Secrets of Escape Rooms,” by Chris Kornelis (4/27/18)

USA Today, “Why escape rooms have a lock on the U.S.,” Carly Mallenbaum (4/25/18)

New York Times, “Breaking Into the Boom in Escape Rooms: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know” by Aili McConnon (4/11/18)

Newsweek, “Escape Room Devotees Get a Play-at-Home Option” by Stuart Miller (3/5/16)

Metro HNL “Breakout Waikiki” by Christina O’Connor (12/18/15)

Reporting Texas “No Escape: ‘Panic Rooms’ Are Popping Up Everywhere” by Megan Dolan (12/8/15)

Gamasutra, “Tips and trends in making escape games” by Adam Clare (7/28/15)

CBS News, “Escape Rooms” (content expired after 2 years)

Newsweek, “The Art of the Escape” by Stuart Miller (4/19/15)

Other websites that have featured Room Escape Artist:

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  • Reality is a Game
  • Lifehacker
  • Kottke