Photo of Lisa and David of Room Escape Artist in their wedding clothes dramatically escaping a bank vault.
Photo by Michael Zawadzki

Created by an experience designer and a predictive data expert in 2014, Room Escape Artist publishes well-researched, rational, and reasonably humorous escape room reviews, design and players tips at least seven times a week.

Our mission is to share our love of letting strangers lock us inside giant puzzles, and to push the makers of those giant puzzles to create the best experiences they can.

Lisa Spira


Lisa is an onomastician who turned her lifelong obsession with names into a career as Director of Research and Product Development at Ethnic Technologies. Lisa holds a degree in linguistics from Syracuse University and works as a private baby name consultant.

Twitter – @lisabecs


David Spira


David is an experience designer and product manager who strives for a deeper understanding how things work, and the ways people interact with their world. David holds degrees in communication and history from the University at Buffalo, and a masters in communication and information science from Rutgers University.



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