Remote Escape Room Recommendations Guides

As quarantine set in and the escape room industry adapted by producing a variety of remote play products, we adjusted as well.

This is our growing collection of recommendations guides for remote and play-at-home escape games.

Large Team/ Corporate Guide 👥👥👥👥

The Best Online Escape Games for Large Groups (Last Update: 11 April 2021)

Remote Horror Guide 👻

Your Escape Room Guide to Halloween Season 2020 (Last Update: 19 December 2020)

Avatar-Style Guide 🤳

In these games, you interact with the escape room through an in-game avatar who is your eyes, ears, and hands in the physical game space.

Recommendations for Avatar-Guided Online Escape Games (Last Update: 11 April 2021)

Play On-Demand Guide 🙌

These are games that are always available to start now – no need to book a time slot.

Recommendations for Play On-Demand Online Escape Games (Last Update: 11 April 2021)

Guide for Tweens & Families 👪

The Best Online Escape Games for Tweens and Families (Last Update: 11 April 2020)

Guide to 2-Player Escape Games 💑

Recommendations Guide: 2-Player Online Escape Games (Last Update: 20 March 2021)

Tabletop Escape Room Guide 🧩

Tabletop Escape Game Recommendations (Last Update: 22 November, 2020)