Remote Escape Room Recommendations Guides

Over the pandemic era, the variety of at-home escape room and puzzle experiences expanded rapidly with creators taking advantage of the online medium to build experiences that you can enjoy from the comfort of home with friends from around the world.

This is our growing collection of recommendations guides for remote and play-at-home escape games.

Tabletop Escape Room Guide 🧩

Tabletop Escape Game Recommendations (Last Update: June 2023)

Large Team/ Corporate Guide 👥👥👥👥

The Best Online Escape Games for Large Groups (Last Update: December 2021)

Play On-Demand Guide 🙌

These are games that are always available to start now – no need to book a time slot.

Recommendations for Play On-Demand Online Escape Games (Last Update: December 2021)

Guide for Tweens & Families 👪

The Best Online Escape Games for Tweens and Families (Last Update: December 2021)

Guide to 2-Player Escape Games 💑

Recommendations Guide: 2-Player Online Escape Games (Last Update: December 2022)

Avatar-Style Guide 🤳

In these games, you interact with the escape room through an in-game avatar who is your eyes, ears, and hands in the physical game space.

Recommendations for Avatar-Guided Online Escape Games (Last Update: December 2021)

Remote Horror Guide 👻

Your Escape Room Guide to Halloween Season 2020 (Last Update: December 2020)