Time Emporium – Murder in London [Review]

Murder in LondonΒ is one of the best games in Fort Collins, CO. Here are our other recommendations forΒ great escape rooms in Fort Collins.

One pint of blood, please.

Location:  Loveland, CO

Date Played: September 26, 2021

Team Size: 2-8; we recommend 3-5

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $35 per player for 2-3 players, $28 per player for 4+

Ticketing: Private

Accessibility Consideration: at least one player must climb through a small opening

Emergency Exit Rating: [A+] No Lock

Physical Restraints: [A+] No Physical Restraints

REA Reaction

Time Emporium’s Murder in London was a bloody interesting game. (I hope you read that in a British accent!)

This room stood out most for its set, which did not feel at all like a “room” or even like it was fully indoors for that matter. A narrow street wrapped around a classic London pub. A red telephone booth immediately signaled our location (though a non-rotary phone threw us for a loop given the historical setting). The facades of other residences and businesses made the world extend beyond what we could see. The build quality wasn’t always consistent, but it sure as heck was transportive.

As much as we enjoyed the set, though, my team had a hard time syncing with the game flow of Murder in London. The puzzles that were centered directly around solving the murders that we were investigating made sense, while others stuck out as less diegetic escape room filler.

Murder in London is worth a visit, even just for its set, and it’ll appeal to puzzlers of any experience level. If you’re passing by Loveland, check it out!

A bar with puzzle piece coasters.
Image via Time Emporium

Who is this for?

  • Scenery snobs
  • Anglophiles
  • Any experience level


There had been a series of 3 murders in London, and then the Scotland Yard detective who had gone to investigate them had become the 4th victim. Suspecting this had something to do with a time medallion, we traveled back in time to investigate and attempt to retrieve the time medallion.


Murder in London transported us back in time to the gloomy streets of historic London. The set included an iconic red telephone booth, and a narrow street wrapped around a central British pub. Various other houses and storefronts lined the way.

The set was expansive and detailed. Textural contrast helped make the distinctions between indoor and outdoor areas of the sets feel fairly realistic.

An alleyway at night in London.
Image via Time Emporium


Time Emporium’s Murder in London was a standard escape room of moderate difficulty.

Core gameplay revolved around puzzling, searching, and making connections.


βž• Murder in London had a clever layout which made a fairly large space feel even more expansive than it really was. As we first explored the set, our jaws dropped as we realized that the street just kept on going.

βž•/βž– The set was beautifully designed, though it was a bit rough around some edges upon closer scrutiny. Especially given the room’s low lighting, we encountered a few minor safety hazards, and I’d advise players to be somewhat cautious in their exploration.

βž•/βž– The puzzles were a mixed bag. Some were satisfying, layered solves that complemented the narrative and physical space. Others were a bit less elegant in design. One particular puzzle made a misleading reference to a common cipher. We longed for a few more interactions that meaningfully took advantage of and matched the distinctive flow of the set.

βž• A transition into a new part of the room was unexpected and conveniently padded.

βž– A personalized element was well intentioned and creatively conceived, but it didn’t quite mesh with the established timeline and our presence in the game.

βž• Murder in London included some creative attempts at character building. Text, audio, and objects built up a sense of the backstories of the four victims, though none of it was quite enough to really form an emotional connection with any of them. We also appreciated the production effort that went into a shadowy interaction with a neighbor.

βž• When we encountered a one-off incident with an element behind-the-scenes, our game hosts were attentive and responsive.

Tips For Visiting

  • There was a parking lot.
  • This game is at the Loveland location.

Book your hour with Time Emporium’s Murder in London, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Disclosure: Time Emporium comped our tickets for this game.

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