Black Immersive Creators Grant 2023: Donations Open

Fundraising is now open for the 2023 season of The Black Immersive Creators Grant.

This grant will provide $10k to a stellar Black artist to help them create the immersive art of their dreams.

We are looking for support to make this happen.

Chalkboard sketch, Black Immersive Creators Grant logo. A note at the bottom announces that donations are open for 2023.

About The Black Immersive Creators Grant

The Black Immersive Creators Grant is a cash award of $10,000 for US-based Black artists who are interested in creating immersive artwork.

The goal of this grant is to amplify Black voices in the immersive community, to encourage Black artists to live out their dreams by creating immersive works, and to affect culture in a way that opens minds as well as inspires future creators to do the same for generations to come.

The Black Immersive Creators Grant is a Fiscal Sponsee of Fiscal Sponsorship Allies, Inc. Monetary donations to the Black Immersive Creators Grant must be made through Fiscal Sponsorship Allies and are tax-deductible.

REA Involvement

David and I are members of the Board for the Black Immersive Creators Grant.

As members, we’ve had the opportunity to expand our own horizons, reading the incredible proposals for the 2022 inaugural grant. Discussing the projects in depth with the rest of the board taught us about different immersive media and different cultures. We were thrilled to award Black Feast as the first winner.

This year, we look forward to bringing this opportunity to another Black creator, and seeing another immersive work come to life.

It’s important to us that the immersive entertainment industry (including escape rooms) is welcoming to creators of all kinds, and that together we strive for more representation.

Should I Donate?

If you have the means, and you are interested in the mission of the grant, we hope you’ll support us by donating below.

Can I Apply?

Applications for this grant cycle will open in February 2023. We will share the application information as soon as it is available. You can also follow @bicgrant on Instagram for updates.

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