Reminder: NYC Meetup on Tuesday

Hey New York City friends, let’s hang out!

NYC skyline with an etherial glow, text reads, "NYC Escape Room Meetup: Hosted by Room Escape Artist."


  • Tuesday, May 10, 2022
  • Starting at 6:00pm and continuing for a few hours
  • Shades of Green Pub (125 E 15th St between Irving Pl and 3rd Ave)
  • We will be congregating in the back room.

Stop by and say a brief hello or stick around all evening.


Please don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook, or by contacting us. It’s helpful to be able to give Shades of Green a head count.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

And thank you to our friends at Morty and Everything Immersive for co-hosting and helping bring our community together.

REA at the Immersive Industry Homecoming Summit

We’re excited to let you know that David, Lisa, and Peih-Gee will be on stage together at the Immersive Industry Homecoming Summit hosted at AREA15 in Las Vegas. We’ll be talking about trends in immersive gaming and agency, and what immersive creators of all stripes can learn from the art and commerce of escape games.

Projection mapped skull sculpture in AREA15.
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Mark Your Calendar: Golden Lock Awards 2022

It’s almost time for the 2022 Golden Lock Awards. Together with the help of the entire REA team of writers, we’re excited to honor incredible escape games that you can play in real life, virtually, and tabletop.

Image of the Golden Lock Award for 2022 beside the text, "Livestream April 30"


  • Saturday, April 30
  • 8pm Eastern

This will be a livestream. We’ll share the link to tune in here, and on REA social media, later this month.

Read more about this year’s award and the changes from years past.

Coming Soon: Golden Lock Awards 2022

Many of you noticed that we didn’t announce any Golden Lock Award winners back at the start of the year… We didn’t forget, we weren’t being lazy, and we didn’t abandon our award. We were low-key moving it for a whole bunch of reasons.

So let’s start with the details on the 2022 Golden Lock Awards… and then we can chat about why we moved it.

2022 Golden Lock Awards

The 2022 Golden Lock Awards livestream will happen on Saturday, April 30.

We’re hosting a live gathering of the REA Hivemind: a swarm. We’ll all be together to share our favorite games of 2021 and Q1 2022. Moving forward, we will be hosting the Golden Lock Awards in April.

So, yes, the Hivemind and our active reviewers will be a big part of this year’s awards and their presentation.

Image of the Golden Lock Award for 2022 beside the text, "Livestream April 30"

The last big change we’re making this year is the addition of a Tabletop Escape Game category. Plus, special for this year only, we will be adding retrospective awards for Tabletop Escape Games we played in the past that really defined this medium.

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