Special Release: S4E4 Bonus Episode – Alexander Gierholz from Logic Locks

Hey there, friends! We’ve got an exciting surprise for you. We’re releasing a special bonus episode that’s normally reserved exclusively for our Patreon supporters. This one’s a real treat because we’re chatting with game design philosopher and wizard Alexander Gierholz. He’s the creator of the iconic escape room, The Amsterdam Catacombs and co-founder of the global escape room conference Up The Game.

Promotional flyer for "Special Release: Season 4, Ep. 4 Bonus Episode". Underneath it says "Alexander Gierholz of Logic Locks, Creator of the iconic escape room, The Amsterdam Catacombs. It's accompanied by the Reality escape pod logo which is an icon of a rocket ship blasting off, and underneath is an image of a man in a black turtleneck wearing a colorful pattered jacket. He has bright pink hair and he is pointing upwards with an astonished expression.

If you haven’t already listened, we recommend you check out his main interview first. With a background in psychology and having taught both experience design and gamification, he takes a unique, holistic approach to game design that draws on different disciplines to create experiences that are meaningful for players.

REPOD Patreon supporters get access to these informative companion bonus episodes, featuring fun conversations with incredible escape room and experience designers like Alexander.

If you’re not a Patreon supporter yet, what are you waiting for? This special episode is just one of the many perks you’ll get by joining our little community. So come on, join the fam and let’s get nerdy about games together!

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