Eleven Puzzles – Unboxing the Mind of a Cryptic Killer [Hivemind Review]

Unboxing the Mind of a Cryptic Killer is included in our recommendation guide for 2-Player Online Escape Games. For more of the best online escape games in this style, check out the recommendation guide.

Unboxing the Mind of a Cryptic Killer is a point-and-click adventure game created by Eleven Puzzles in Poland.

Illustrated point and click interface depicts a locked treasure chest surrounded by modern technology.


Style of Play: collaborative point-and-click adventure game with asymmetrical information

Required Equipment: computer with internet connection, pen and paper

Recommended Team Size: 2-4

Play Time: 90 minutes

Price: $20

Booking: purchase and play at your leisure


You are trying to track down a killer by solving an assortment of clues. You must divide your team into 2 groups, each of which has access to only half of the clues within the web app. By sharing your information with each other across a chatting mechanism of your choice, you piece together solutions that you each must enter to proceed.

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