The Spoilers Club: Browse The Archives

We introduced the Spoiler’s Club with the launch of REPOD Season 1. In this podcast (special for Patreon backers), David and Peih-Gee discuss an escape room in great detail, spoilers and all. We’ve gone through a few iterations of the format and settled on one we really like: the creator joins the conversation.

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🚀 Leaked: REPOD Patreon Bonus Episode

Today we’re releasing a Patreon Bonus Episode from Season 3 to give you a sneak peek of our REPOD Patreon perks. Johanna’s episode was extremely popular, and with good reason. She shared a wealth of knowledge about game design with us on the main episode, and yet, we still had so many questions for her. Luckily she stuck around for the Aftershow.

This one in particular feels very much like an extension of the main episode. If you haven’t listened to her main episode, we highly recommend you play that one first. You can find REPOD S3E2 with Johanna here. Johanna thinks about game design with both an eye towards the larger picture, as well as considering all the small details, like how temperature can affect a player’s behavior. We hope you’ll enjoy this surprise release of our exclusive Patreon Bonus Aftershow.

Brunette woman with an enigmatic smile against background of dark hallway, titled Pushing Boundaries Safely, Johanna Koljonen and Nordic Larp

Bonus Content

After each episode, hosts Peih-Gee and David record another long form show, just for Patreon backers ($5/ month and up). Sometimes the guests stick around for the Aftershow.

Where the main episode is a heavily edited and produced experience, the bonus content is a freeform conversation.

Season 3 Episode 2

This sneak peek is the REPOD S3E42 Patreon Bonus Episode, recorded with Nordic larp creator Johanna Koljonen.

You can find REPOD S3E2 with Johanna here.

Patreon Perks

As a Room Escape Artist Patreon backer, you get lots of great perks including early access to blog posts and access to every podcast bonus episode.

Plus, as a backer at any level you get to join our discord channel, one of our favorite places for escape room (and other) conversation. It’s a great group of folks!

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Raccoon Solving Door Puzzles

One big takeaway of searching for content for this Animals Solving Puzzles series: It’s interesting how intelligent scavenging animals are.

According to this BBC video, “research has shown that [raccoons] can even remember how to open different locks after more than a year.”

A cute raccoon with a question mark over its head.

But… their gamemasters will still show them how to operate a directional lock every single time. 🙃

Be That Person Who Knows About Escape Rooms

I’d bet most of us are known as “that person who knows about escape rooms” to at least some of our friends and family. I suggest we all lean into that. Be that person. Why not? It’s cool to be an expert. Maximize your role as that person who knows about good escape rooms.

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