Secret RECON ’21 Phoenix Hints

If you’re a little stuck on the RECON ’21 Phoenix puzzle, here are a few hints courtesy of Rita Orlov of PostCurious.

She is co-delivering a session on the art of hinting called Fun Insurance. You should absolutely watch it. These hints are part of her demo.

These hints escalate in detail:

Hint 1

Do you notice anything that stands out in the phoenix’s flames?

Hint 2

Among the sparks, there are also 8 distinct shapes.

Hint 3

The shapes are analogous to ones found in a common cipher.

Hint 4

The 8 shapes represent letters in semaphore.

Hint 5

Imagine the semaphore shapes without the flags.

Hint 6

Read the letters from left to right (clockwise). The first letter is R.


The semaphore translates to: “REIGNITE”


Update 9/21/21: For more on the subject of hinting we hope you’ll check out our interview with Rita Orlov on The Reality Escape Pod.