Adventure Rooms New Jersey – The Remedy [Review]

Location: Montclair, New Jersey

Date played: August 27, 2015

Team size: 2-6; we recommend 4-6

Price: $30 per ticket

Theme & story

You’ve been poisoned by a mad scientist and you have one hour to find The Remedy.

This game was in the style of Adventure Room’s The Swiss Original, but with a few enhancements. Most notably, it added a loose, but cohesive story.

In The Swiss Original, Adventure Rooms established a science-y/ medical style – in part because of its setting in a former doctor’s office and in part because of its science experiment-type puzzles. The theming of the Remedy built on that model.

The puzzles didn’t integrate a more profound story, but they were generally on theme.

Adventure Rooms Logo

Construction quality

The elements of this game were sturdy, and the more delicate elements were well protected.

When Adventure Rooms incorporated flashlights and black lights, the lights were strong and puzzles using them were unambiguous. This is a big deal in an industry that leans heavily on these elements in a weak way.

However, the box containing the Remedy itself has sharp edges that may be dangerous. We recommend a Surgu fix. Sharp edges on a critical latch are no good and a terrible final memory.


The staff watched us through cameras that were built into the furniture and are not easily recognized as cameras. We wasted time trying to “solve” a room oddity that was actually a cavity holding a camera. This was not the first time we’ve had this problem at Adventure Rooms New Jersey; we only realized that these were the cameras this time around.

Adventure Rooms clearly informed us what was off limits with red tape; they should mark these cameras as well.

Cool toys

The Remedy included a variety of puzzles that speak to different intellectual strengths and they were generally more tactile than in most escape games.

Similar to the Swiss Original, it includes some unusual equipment that isn’t common in room escapes… or everyday life for that matter. These are unique game elements. They are simply really fun.

wonderful toys

Should I play Adventure Rooms New Jersey’s The Remedy?

The Remedy is a solid, quality room. It won’t wow a seasoned player, but it doesn’t have to; it’s really fun. Every player on our team enjoyed playing from the time we stepped into the room through finding the Remedy.

Adventure Rooms has a distinct style that is generally tactile and engaging. They skew loose on theme, and heavy on locks. We’ve come to accept this from the franchise. They make fun games that won’t blow your mind, critiquing them further here feels like getting angry at the Sun for disappearing every night. Adventure Rooms does what Adventure Rooms does.

We recommend these rooms over their third game, Penrose Dream, which strays more from the company’s strengths.

The Remedy is Adventure Rooms’ strongest offering yet.

Book your hour at Adventure Rooms New Jersey’s The Remedy and tell them the Room Escape Artist sent you.

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