Mission Escape Game, Queens – The Da Vinci Obsession [Review]

The game in which David became “Sophie.”

Location: Queens, New York

Date played: November 8, 2015

Team size: 4-7; we recommend 4-5

Price: $25 per ticket, must book at least 4 tickets


Mission Escape Games Logo
Formerly Enigma NYC

Character play

Before we entered the room, David assumed the role of “Sophie” and received an item that would aid us in the room.

This was a fun component that will especially resonate with fans of The Da Vinci Code book and film.

The DaVinci Obsession - Cryptex

Sophie’s special item brought with it an individual power. This was a fun concept that more companies should explore.


The Leonardo da Vinci-themed room that captured Leonardo’s essence (or at least his myth), and that of The Da Vinci Code. The set design and prop supported the theme.

However, it only flirted with storytelling. It set up the story’s characters, but didn’t fully succeed at developing our sense of urgent adventure. It came close, but never really got there.

I didn’t feel like the Robert Langdon to David’s Sophie. I felt like I was with Sophie in a well-themed escape room.

Variety & unambiguity

The Da Vinci Obsession included a healthy puzzle variety.

The DaVinci Obsession

While there was a “counting” puzzle that I usually find annoyingly subject to individual interpretation, this game included a mechanism to clarify what would otherwise be a mess of ambiguity.

This game included multiple non-lock interactions. The puzzles and their solutions continued to surprise us, in exciting ways.


Sophie’s prop provided a fun moment early in the game that made us realize there was more going on in this room than we were expecting.

The DaVinci Obsession - Mirror

As the game progressed, the story and the game design continued to escalate.

Late in the game, a particularly dramatic puzzle succeeded spectacularly. On multiple occasions we have seen this type of puzzle flop. The Da Vinci Obession’s success was derived from a combination of clever execution, and high quality components.

Also, Sophie wouldn’t answer to “David,” which heightened a moment or two that called upon teamwork, more specifically, team members calling upon each other.

Should I play Mission Escape Game Queens’ The Da Vinci Obsession?

This was the first room created by Mission Escape Games, Queens (formerly Enigma NYC). As such, it’s a home run.

Furthermore, as the folks from Mission Escape Queens continues to design and to collaborate with others (ie Mission Escape Games), he continues to iterate, improving upon his earlier work.

The Da Vinci Code fans will love the theme and setting, and, of course, getting to “be” a favorite character for an hour.

There is a huge variety in the types on puzzles in this game. Both new players and escape room veterans will enjoy what The Da Vinci Obsession has to offer.

This is a fun one. It’s worth a trek out to Flushing, Queens, on the 7 train.

Book your hour with Mission Escape Games, Queens’s The Da Vinci Obsession, and tell them that The Room Escape Artist sent you.

Full disclosure: Mission Escape Games Queens comped our tickets for this game.




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