Exit Escape Room NYC – The Mission [Review]

Execute Mission.

Location: New York, NY

Date Played: February 19, 2018

Team size: 2-8; we recommend 2-4

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $28 per ticket

REA Reaction

The Mission started off uninspired, but turned into something interesting. While we wished some of the execution was cleaner, The Mission conveyed narrative well and the second half was filled with innovative interactions.

(Interestingly, for the reverse structure, play Exit Escape Room NYC’s High Speed.)

Who is this for?

  • Story seekers
  • Puzzle lovers
  • Novelty hunters
  • Any experience level

Why play?

  • The second half
  • Unusual interactions
  • Narrative-driven gameplay


Our agency had been infiltrated by a double agent. We had to identify this individual, determine their location, and eliminate the threat.

In-game: A black box with 9 binary switches hung on a wall beside top hats and overcoats.


While the late-game setting for The Mission was unusual and exciting, the initial set was an uninspiring barebones office with an unfinished look.

I can’t spoil the late-game reveal because it was worth being surprised. 


As the name implies, The Mission was mission-based. Our objectives were explained clearly in the pre-game:

Identify the double agent.

In-game: A black suitcase on a desk, the wall behind has 12 portraits of different people.

Track the double agent.

In-game: a world map covering a wall with black dots over select major cities.

Eliminate the double agent.

Image states, "no image available."

While we were following a specific mission plan, the game itself was still an escape room with equal parts searching and puzzling.


The Mission escalated. From set to effects to interactions, it built excitement over time.

The late-game mechanical puzzles facilitated interactive group solves.

As we solved the puzzles, we learned mission-critical information. Both the puzzles and our intel flowed well and flowed together. This made for a cohesive story.

Exit Escape Room NYC included a time-consuming mid-game narrative sequence. They structured their timekeeping to ensure all players receive a full 60 minutes to solve the puzzles. When you reach this sequence, you’ll know it. Relax, you’re off the clock. 


The first act lacked excitement. The mundane office set felt tired. Its puzzles didn’t engage the physical space.

Exit Escape Room NYC installed this escape room in an unfinished space. Despite some interesting set pieces in the later portions of the experience, it felt unfinished.

The final interaction missed the mark. The concept was really cool, but the props and set pieces didn’t breath life into the moment. In addition, they didn’t engage the team. We escaped without fanfare and weren’t even sure that we had won until the door opened.

Tips for Visiting

  • Exit Escape Room NYC is easily accessible on public transportation.
  • We recommend Black Iron Burger (across the street).

Book your hour with Exit Escape Room NYC’s The Mission, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Disclosure: Exit Escape Room NYC comped our tickets for this game.


  1. There is a location in Tel Aviv with two of the ‘Mission’ room and one of the ‘Highspeed NYC’ room. It seems like they sold the rights because this does not look like a copy attempt of the two rooms, but a mirror image made with detailed instructions.
    I didn’t like the ‘Mission’ room at all. the story did not engage as needed and was too obscure to keep me interested. the puzzles were not good and relied heavy on gadget usage. The second part was not better and too many ‘here is the code written on the small piece of paper/sticker’ was used. maybe they changed it a bit.
    The final moment was a big miss as we didn’t understand what the prop that we had was meant to represent as it was poorly designed. We also escaped without being sure what exactly just happened.

    The room in Israel also has a very unique transition between the two parts I wonder if they kept it the same.
    Overall, the High speed NYC is a much better room. solid game flow and puzzles.

    1. I believe that these are essentially the same games and that this NYC location is licensing the games from Tel Aviv.

      There’s probably some variance in their designs. We understood what the ending in this game was… but the execution was a bit shaky and didn’t hit with the impact that it should have.

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