Massachusetts: Room Escape Recommendations

Latest update: December 25, 2019

Looking for an escape room near you in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts has a lot of great escape rooms outside of Boston. You don’t even need to know how to pronounce the names of the towns to play the games!

Drive west, past Route 495 to find many of these gems. There lies an awesome escape room day trip.

We’ve covered Boston recommendations (inside Route 95) separately.

A covered bridge over a stream at the peak of fall.

Market standouts

  1. The Observatory, The Gate Escape
  2. The Assistant, The Gate Escape
  3. The Body Shop, Outside the Box
  4. The Dollhouse, Curious Escape Rooms
  5. Escape the Video Store, Curious Escape Rooms

The set & scenery-driven adventures

The puzzle-centric

The tech-heavy

The newbie-friendly

You are always welcome to contact us if this recommendation list doesn’t answer your specific questions.

6 thoughts on “Massachusetts: Room Escape Recommendations

  1. If you can, I would heavily suggest checking out Mass Escapes in New Bedford. Both of their games have great set, interesting and engaging puzzles, and a rather engaging storyline. If you can only play one, go for 44 Winterwood Lane, it’s an eerie yet not terrifying horror game with a beautiful set and high tech, well integrated puzzling. Ice Station Zero is a bit less detailed, but has far more complex puzzling.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve made a note. We haven’t spent enough time exploring the rooms in southern Massachusetts yet. Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity soon!

  3. In addition, Outside The Box Webster just opened up a new room that’s raises the scenic bar for the entire region, while maintaining a solid puzzle flow and a surprisingly detailed storyline. Make sure to play Aftermath there as well, as it is another awesome game.

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