Salt Lake City & Park City, Utah: Escape Room Recommendations

Latest Update: May 19, 2018

Looking for an escape room near Salt Lake City or Park City, Utah?

During our few days in Salt Lake City, we experienced some of the most entertaining, in-character gamemastering we’ve seen to date.

Here are our recommendations for escape rooms in Salt Lake City & Park City, organized into categories.

Salt Lake City & Park City, Utah Escape Room Guide

Market Standouts

  1. Prison Bus Escape, Alcatraz Escape Games
  2. Mine Trap, Escape Room Park City
  3. Zombie Apocalypse Escape, Alcatraz Escape Games
  4. Reactor Room, Getout Games 

The Set & Scenery-Driven Adventures

The Puzzle-Centric

The Newbie-Friendly

Competitive Play

The Spooky & Scary

Games with Actors

You are always welcome to contact us if this recommendation list doesn’t answer your specific questions.


    1. Thank you for the invitation. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to visit you on our most recent trip, but next time we’re in town, we’ll be sure to check you out.

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