We Talk Spoilers on No Proscenium’s 150th Episode

Congratulations to our good friends over at No Proscenium for releasing episode 150.

We’ve been on No Pro a few times and had so many wonderful conversations with Noah. This is by far my favorite discussion that we’ve ever recorded. (I wish that we had recorded our in-person conversation about consent in experiences that we had over dinner and drinks a few months ago.)

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In This Episode

Michael Andersen of ARG.net joined us to discuss spoilers, when they matter, and the nuance of how they affect the experience. It’s a fun philosophical conversation that Noah did a fantastic job of grounding.

This was the first time that we got to speak with Michael, which was incredibly exciting because we’ve been fans of his for a long time.

Also, there was a little bit of lag and overlap between our recordings so transition points sound like we’re stepping on each other just a bit. There are also some long pregnant pauses that are a byproduct of the same problem. 

No Proscenium Episode 150 – NoPro Gets Meta

The conversation starts up at the 11 minute mark.

Around the 40 minute mark I start up on a rant about companies with beautiful games, but who refuse to publish photographs.

Referenced Materials

Here are the posts, articles, and videos that we referenced in this episode:

  • Felicia Day plays The Basement (YouTube):

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