Video: 2018 Golden Lock-In Livestream Recording

Livestream and learn.

Lisa and David all dressed up in black and gold.

We had a ton of fun with our first livestream on Wednesday night. We livestreamed the announcement of the 2018 Golden Lock-In Awards.

You can view it below. There were some audio issues in the first few minutes, but we got them sorted out.

That said, the audio isn’t perfect, so be careful with headphones. It gets spontaneously loud. 

Lessons For Next Time

We’re still getting comfortable with the video format. So here are a few things that we learned:

  • Don’t break the link… we accidentally started a new stream instead of activating the one that we had scheduled. Thankfully, some of our intrepid viewers figured out what was going on and filled everyone in via comments. I 💛 escape room players.
  • Turn on the right microphone input. That caused some chaos at the top of the stream. Thankfully I was able to clip that from the video.
  • Be more careful with levels. We sound way too quiet. We had two mics, so in theory we should have had that covered.
Brendan setting up the lights and technology.
  • MOAR LIGHT! Seriously, it felt like our living room had a sun in it… but it didn’t really shine through on camera.
  • Stage it better. While our couch is super comfortable, it didn’t really work as a set.
  • The live audience was so fun. We need to figure out how we’re capturing that audio without blowing out our listeners’ ears.
A large chocolate cake dusted in gold with the outline of the golden lock-in award in the negative space.
Lisa baked an amazing cake. It didn’t survive the party.

Thank You

A lot of folks made last night possible.

Brendan Lutz provided more technology than I am aware of. I literally do not know what we had running. He made all of this happen. He’s amazing.

Our friends all dressed up for the party.

Theresa Piazza, Theresa Wagner, and Ryan Byrne came over early to help with all manner of things. Like with the technology, I don’t exactly know what was going on… but I know that they helped with a lot of it.

Brett Kuehner loaned us the lighting.

Thank you to all of our friends for coming over and adding your energy to this silly project that started out as a joke and then profoundly snowballed… which is pretty much how our lives operate.

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