Los Angeles, California: Escape Room Recommendations

Looking for an escape room near Los Angeles, California?

Latest update: October 11, 2019

Los Angeles is one of the strongest escape room markets in the United States.

This city offers some of the best sets and scenery we’ve seen in escape rooms. That doesn’t mean they skimp on the puzzles. The best escape rooms in Los Angeles deliver full experiences.

You might be interested in our recommendations for Anaheim, California as well.

Scene from LA in black, white, & blue. A sports car speeding past a building that says, "MADE IN LA."

Market Standouts

  1. Stash House
  2. Lab Rat, Hatch Escapes
  3. The Elevator Shaft, THE BASEMENT
  4. The Courtyard, THE BASEMENT 
  5. Miss Jezebel, 60out (Reviewed for REA by Sarah Willson)

Set & Scenery Driven

Puzzle Centric

Creative Tech

Unusual Concept


Big Group Games

Private Booking Companies

Spooky & Scary

Games with Actors

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6 thoughts on “Los Angeles, California: Escape Room Recommendations

  1. Solid list. I recommend including Evil Genius: Chapter 3 in your back to back play through as well. It continues the story and also has a unique twist on the escape room formula.

  2. EG3 belongs in the “standouts” category — so much so that you might consider adding a note that even though you haven’t played it yet, you hear good things about it (or something to that effect).

    Feel free to poll the usual suspects, I think you’ll get universal rave reviews.

    Also: No mention of Cross Roads? I think Psych Ward is a little less universally loved than EG3, but their games are generally great recommendations even still. And it’s no further from LA than some of your other entries.

    (Otherwise, it’s a 100% great list.)

  3. Considering this comment, and the one above, and a few other messages we received outside of comments, we’ve taken your recommendation and added The Morgue. We can’t wait to get back to LA to play it!

    I also added a link to our Anaheim recommendations (and from that post to this one), so hopefully that solves the Cross Roads issue. We haven’t played Psych Ward yet though. That’s on the list for the next trip too!

  4. I played a lot of these rooms on my recent trip to LA. Of the 18 rooms I played, ALL of them were amazing and I had the best escape room experiences ever! Thanks for the recommendations Room Escape Artists! If anyone is planning an escape room trip to LA, do check out these rooms, you won’t be disappointed!

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