Survey Deep Dive: Escape Immerse Explore New Mexico

In June 2022, we brought 47 players to Albuquerque & Santa Fe. This was our 7th Escape Immerse Explore tour.

Over the course of 3 days, they each played 9 terrific escape rooms and visited Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return.

The post-event survey surfaced the top games in the region, but also shows the diversity of preference even among serious escape room players.

Lisa and David speaking to the entire tour group at New Mexico Escape Room.
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RECON Boston’s Guide to Boda Borg (August 2022)

As RECON approaches, the team is getting excited to show attendees what amazing things the greater Boston Area has to offer, including Boda Borg. While not a typical escape room experience, there are some important things to note before you go.

Boda Borg's logo beside some of the militaristic props from their game Platoon.
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Announcing Escape Immerse Explore New Orleans for November 2022

It’s that time again… when Room Escape Artist brings a group of escape room players to visit New Orleans. Now running for the third time, this escape room tour will showcase beauty, gameplay, and spectacle.

If you’re eyeing a trip to New Orleans, but your friends aren’t sold on the idea, and you don’t know how you’ll get the minimum 4 teammates to play at the world-renowned 13th Gate… well… we’ve solved your problem.

Tickets are moving quickly. We already sold more than a third of the tickets during pre-sale.

Escape, Immerse, Explore New Orleans 2022 banner designed to look like Mardi Gras beads.
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Tribeca Interactive: Narrative Pioneering

Tribeca Interactive is a section of the Tribeca Festival (formerly Tribeca Film Festival) that showcases experiences that are “pushing the boundaries of storytelling with technology.” It consists of two sections: Immersive for VR/AR and Gaming for, well, video games.

Recently, I was able to spend an hour exploring some of the works that were available at their in-person exhibition hall. Tribeca Interactive had a hybrid format this year, allowing some programming to be viewed in the home by ticket holders. However, I do not have a home VR setup, and the good people at Tribeca Immersive allowed me to attend a VIP session and play around with some of the projects firsthand. I was also able to spend some time with the video games section – more on that later.

All told, my trip to Tribeca Interactive presented a showcase of interesting upcoming tech-based experiences with a few video games as the major highlights.


First, I should address the word ‘immersive.’ If you’re reading this particular article on this particular website, you might have a certain idea about what the word immersive means – Sleep No More or The Nest come to mind. At Tribeca, the word ‘immersive’ had a narrower definition and it had everything to do with technology. Each project was based entirely in VR or AR. And while I absolutely enjoyed my time and experience there, it didn’t exactly match my expectations.

With only an hour in the exhibition hall, I was only able to view a selection of the works. Here is what I was able to experience:

Tribeca Festical Immersive Exhibition wall.
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