Ravensburger – Witch’s Kitchen Escape Puzzle [Review]

Ravensburger – Witch’s Kitchen is included in our recommendation guide for Tabletop Escape Games – Jigsaw Puzzles. For more of the best escape room style jigsaw puzzles, check out the recommendation guide.

Cat and a hat.

Location:  at home

Team size: We recommend 1-4

Duration: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Price: $25

Publisher: Ravensburger

REA Reaction

Witch’s Kitchen Escape Puzzle was playful and colorful. It offered solid puzzle play throughout all phases of the game.

While we think that this puzzle would have benefited from a just a touch more vibrancy in its coloration, this was without a doubt our puzzle group’s favorite Escape Puzzle.

If you’re thinking about attempting a Ravensburger Escape Puzzle, Witch’s Kitchen would be an enchanting place to start.

Series Overview

This review only covers details specific to this individual Ravensburger Escape Puzzle.

For a detailed explanation of the concept and mechanics, and a general analysis of the entire product line, check out our Ravensburger Escape Puzzle Overview.

Portion of an assembled jigsaw puzzle featuring a kettle over a fire surrounded by magical ingredients and books.
Witch’s Kitchen


While wandering through the woods, we’d decided to sample some of the local mushrooms, as one does. The wild mushrooms had had unexpected effects, as they often do, and we’d felt faint and stumbled into a hollow.

As we came to our senses, we’d realized that we were in the home of a witch… and if we were ever going to get out, we’d need to find the antidote for the poison shrooms.

Portion of an assembled jigsaw puzzle featuring a a witch's hat and a rat.


➕ As a jigsaw puzzle, the image was entertaining with a lot of details to enjoy.

➖ The image was pretty brown. It felt like the box art was more vibrant than the puzzle itself.

➕ The variation between the box art and the jigsaw puzzle was fantastic. We found the differences in this puzzle more playful than in the other escape puzzles in the series.

Portion of an assembled jigsaw puzzle featuring a magical books and ingredients.

➕ The “escape room” puzzles were clear and solved cleanly.

➕ The culminating meta-puzzle was clever.

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  1. Just tried this one out based on your recommendation and loved it! It’s such a genius concept that’s executed remarkably smoothly. Plus, the puzzle itself was a delight to put together (thanks for the warning about many pieces having multiple fits–that definitely saved us from some frustration). The only thing that tripped us up was the grand finale. We were completely confused with how to take the final numbers and use them to find The Solution, but now that we understand the concept, it will make future puzzles easier. Definitely going to do the whole series. Thanks for sharing these 🙂


    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed!

      And I have to agree, the first time that you solve one of the meta puzzles it can feel like a pretty big leap.

  2. I finished this puzzle last night. Went through the 8 puzzles just fine. But ultimately, it felt like a disappointment b/c the meta puzzle didn’t work (I think…or maybe I missed something?) Can anyone help? We were googling for help last night when I finished, but only got reviews saying that people had the same problems I did.

    1. Spoiler:
      The numbered pieces that you pull to “answer” the hidden puzzles assemble into a square. That assembled piece then fits over the object that you need to resolve the curse. The background gradient will match.

  3. But it doesn’t fit. The pieces with flower totally wrong shape. What am I missing?

    1. I think you’re referring to the final extraction?

    2. same thing happened to us. We opened the solution and confirmed that the issue was a fabrication defect….

  4. We encountered the same problem. We enjoyed putting the puzzle together and it was a fun challenge figuring out all the clues. The final solution stumped us so we had to look in the envelope. We put together all the numbered pieces but the piece with the flower did not fit in the center as shown. 🙁

    1. That’s interesting and unfortunate. It sounds like there might be some variance in their production.

    2. Hi there,

      First, I really appreciate the all the reviews of these puzzles. It’s been nice to know a good order to do them in and what to expect as far as broken mini puzzles and such. I try to go as spoiler free as possible. Currently on Forbidden Basement, having done the Kitchen, Observatory & Submarine.

      Spoiler ahead…

      To address your issue Sabrina, we had the same problem with trying to fit the flower piece in our assembled square. We knew we had the right answer, it was the only possible item in the entire puzzle that stood out to us. After looking in the envelope we realized, we were correct and, that we only had to lay the assembled pieces over top of the puzzle. If you look at the image of both, they line up perfectly to frame the flower. I don’t think the cut lines were supposed to line up, however maybe some people’s puzzles did.

      1. This is how I remember it, although I don’t recall anything about the cutlines.

    1. We don’t have the puzzle in our possession anymore, but if memory serves, the hint system should be able to help you out.

  5. Finished the puzzle, enjoyed it but didn’t know how the equation for 275 was obtained. 1st two equations were easy but 3rd step l couldn’t get therefore couldn’t get to the 275 that was stated as solution.

    1. It’s hard for us to help you out because we don’t have the puzzle in our possession anymore. We gave it to friends to solve 🙂 Can you use the hint system to resolve this?

    2. Mathematically, you do multiplication and division before addition or subtraction. So you multiply the 30 times 9 first, then add 5.

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