Escape The Bathroom – Musings on Escape Room Facilities

Let’s talk toilets.

No, I’m not referring to my least favorite prison escape game trope, nor am I talking about when escape room games have bathrooms within the games (which we’ve seen a few times). I’m not talking about the outhouse in Escape Wood’s trailer park game, The Shiners either… although β€œTHERE AIN’T NOTHING IN THE SHITTER!” is still the absolute greatest thing that a gamemaster has ever said to a teammate of mine.

We’re talking about the lavatories available to customers at escape room businesses.

Dan Egnor standing in an outhouse labeled "The Shitter" looking into the toilet.
Guinness World Record Holder Dan Egnor peering into the abyss at Escape Woods.

Review the Loo?

A few times a year someone suggests that we include commentary on the restrooms at the escape room companies that we review.

We just don’t care to devote a segment of each review to washrooms.

Yes, we believe that the state of a company’s privy reflects on the state of the business, how it conducts itself, and how a the company values their customers and their property… but commenting on this doesn’t serve our goals as escape room reviewers.

We care that each escape room company has a water closet available for customers. We care that it works and isn’t vile.

That said, we ain’t fancy when it comes to johns. (I’m starting to scrape the bottom of the synonym bowl here.)

So if we visit an escape room business, use the potty, and see things that cannot be unseen… then yeah… that’s the kind of thing that might turn up in a review.


  1. Based on my experience with restrooms in escape rooms: 100% of the time that the restroom was BAD, the games were also BAD.

  2. I’ve played a couple games where the restrooms were nicer than the escape rooms!

    1. Hahahaha yeah… That’s absolutely a thing.

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