Escape Game Adventure: The Last Dragon [Book Review]

Escape Game Adventure: The Last Dragon is included in our recommendation guide for Tabletop Escape Games – For Kids. For more of the best games of this style, check out the recommendation guide.

How to train your dragon kid to puzzle

Location:  at home

Date Played: February 2020

Team size: we recommend from 1 to family

Duration: 15-60 minutes

Price: about $10

REA Reaction

The Last Dragon was an adorable, kid/ family puzzle book.

The castle cover art for The Last Dragon Escape Game Adventure book.

The art was inviting and the puzzles were appropriate for children.

Of the initial 2 Escape Game Adventure books, this one is probably an easier starting place for kiddos to learn on (but it’s not a massive leap in difficulty to The Mad Hacker).

If you’re an avid escape room player, there isn’t much here for you aside from adorableness and a shot of dopamine for a completionist’s brain.

If you’re a family looking to ease your kids into a love of puzzles, and dragons are your kid’s jam, give this one a read.


The evil King Badking had stolen the last dragon egg! We had to recover it and return it to the mother dragon before it became an omelet.

Illustration of a castle just beyond a forrest.


The analysis in this section is about the content of The Last Dragon. To see our analysis of the structure, refer to our Escape Game Adventure Books overview.

➕ Can we take a moment to appreciate the name “King Badking?”

A guide book with a Knight's Templar Code key, magcal flask volumes, and a color mixing chart in CMY.

The Last Dragon consisted of reasonable, age-appropriate, varied puzzles. Overall, the puzzles required enough process for kids to build mastery and feel that they had earned their wins.

➖ One puzzle lacked sufficient explanation for the image on the page. This one would spin more freely with more robust clue structure on the page itself and not in the hint section.

➖ One puzzle required us to cut out an intricate design. There was no reason for the cutting to be as precise as it was.

Dooz giving a thumbs up beside a length of rope.

➕ The art was adorable. It was vibrant, colorful, and fun.

Tips For Players

  • Space Requirements: a small table
  • Required Gear: pencil, scissors

Buy your copy of The Last Dragon, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Disclosure: we received a media sample for review.

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