Recommendations Guide: 2-Player Online Escape Games

Last Updated: December 20, 2022

This year, instead of booking a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner out, you might be considering a romantic evening in… with an escape game.

Whether you’re in the same physical space as your Valentine, or connecting virtually, these games will make for a fun date, guaranteed.

Hands of two people forming a heart with a sunset beyond.

Most of these recommendations are adaptations of point-and-click style gameplay. Some have roots in physical escape rooms, and others are influenced by the escape room format. Many were designed by escape room creators during 2020 while they were unable to operate their businesses.

If you can’t have a classic Valentine’s Day out (or even if you can!), here are our picks for Valentine’s Day from home:

Designed for Exactly 2 People

In alphabetical order:

Recommended for 2 People

In alphabetical order:

Invite your Valentine (or anyone else!) and check out our favorite 2-player-friendly virtual escape rooms!

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