It’s TERPECA Season!

At this point, it is hard for me to imagine being an escape room enthusiast without utilizing the Top Escape Rooms Project Enthusiasts’ Choice Awards: TERPECA. 

It is a resource that I use all year round, from planning trips and dreaming about new destinations to just looking up information and sparking conversations about great games. It has become my most trusted source to learn about high quality escape rooms. 

TERPECA is an international, community-driven endeavor to surface the finest games that our industry has produced. If you’ve played at least 200 escape rooms, this is your chance to nominate your favorite games for recognition and possibly an award.

Top Room Escape Project Enthusiasts' Choice Awards 2020 logo.
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A Case For Designing More Solo Player Moments Into Escape Rooms

Solo moments are an underutilized mechanic for pushing the boundaries of escape room design. Solo moments are some portion of the game (a puzzle, a challenge, a task, a story beat, a physical space, or a setpiece, etc…) that is experienced by only one member of the team.

Man standing alone on top of small mountain.
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