Announcing the RECON 21 Day 1 Featured Talks on YouTube

The talks from the first day on RECON ’21 are now available to view on the Room Escape Artist YouTube channel. These talks first aired August 22, 2021.

Available RECON ’21 Featured Talks

Title: The Promise & Possibilities of Escape Rooms
Speakers: Lisa & David Spira of Room Escape Artist

Title: Avatar Games: Innovating with Structure and Maximizing Fun
Speaker:Tasha Tarkhanova of Hypnodive with Project Avatar

Title: How To Build & Refine Your First Escape Room Tech Project – A Step-By-Step Guide
Speaker:Karmisha Jawell

Title: Growing our Community: Lessons in How to Best Bring New Players In
Speakers: Jackie Catterall  of EXIT Games, Ken Ferguson of The Logic Escapes Me, and Magritte Snow of Serial Escapers

Title: The Chinese Escape Room Scene: Stats and Stories from an Isolated Yet Booming Community
Speaker: Yan Xie of Archimedes Inspiration

Title: Five Things New Designers Should Know about Escape Room Puzzle Creation
Speaker: Errol Elumir of Room Escape Divas

Title: Getting Started in Building Immersive Environments
Speakers: Marise Watson & David Vella of The Cipher Room

You can also watch the RECON ’21 Introduction by Neil Patrick Harris and the after-hours events with Escape this Podcast and The Two Bears.


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