Escape Blair Witch [Review]

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“She’s coming…”

Location:  Las Vegas, NV

Date Played: December 17, 2021

Team size: up to 8 in a public booking; we recommend a private group of 4-5

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $45.99 per player for General Admission or $65.99 per player for Private VIP Experience

Ticketing: Public (General Admission) or Private (Private VIP Experience)

Accessibility Consideration: You’ll experience dim lighting, loud noises, and fog. At least one person needs to crawl.

Emergency Exit Rating: [A+] No Lock

Physical Restraints: [A+] No Physical Restraints

REA Reaction

The Blair Witch Project was an interesting phenomenon back in 1999. The first-person “found footage” style of this horror movie blended with its fabricated legend and a bit of clever marketing to leave some asking the question, “Is this real? Did this really happen, like in real life?”

Now, if you knew me back in ’99, and posed that question, I would have informed you that “of course it wasn’t real… it was a theatrically released horror movie, not evidence of supernatural murders.” And I would have said that in the most condescending teenage tone possible.

The good news about Escape Blair Witch is that it is real… or at least, it feels real.

The Blair Witch symbol lashed together from twigs and twine, hanging from a tree branch.
Image via Escape Blair Witch

A lot went into building the set and crafting the experience of Escape Blair Witch, and that’s really how I recommend looking at it: as an experience.

Escape Blair Witch was experientially strong, creating an intense horror experience with an actor who adapts to the skill level of the team. The puzzles and story themselves were unremarkable; it was about the adventure.

The big catch with Escape Blair Witch is that it is a public game, with the option to pay extra to make it private. In my opinion, this game must be played with a private group; it’s worth paying the extra money. If you don’t, you’re likely going to find yourself crammed into a room filled with randoms (and it’s not just randoms you’d be playing with – it’s randoms in Vegas). The game doesn’t support a group of 8, and it especially doesn’t support teams of mixed skill level.

Escape Blair Witch was experientially the strongest escape game we played in Las Vegas, and I recommend checking it out if you’re in town and looking for an intense time. Just buy the private tickets… or don’t bother.

Who is this for?

  • Adventure seekers
  • Scenery snobs
  • Blair Witch fans
  • Any experience level

Why play?

  • Fantastic set design
  • Strong haunt effects
  • A great actor who read the room and adjusted to our team’s skill


After a few college students had disappeared in the Black Hills Forest, we set off to investigate their mysterious disappearance. Our search began in the Burkittsville Ranger’s Station. Was this an accident? Was there foul play? Or was this something else entirely?

A man in the woods looking scared.
Image via Escape Blair Witch


The set was the star of Escape Blair Witch. A lot of love went into building the world, and it began at the front door of the game. We walked through a scene where we spent only seconds, but it provided more detail than most escape rooms do. They even imported natural materials from the Black Hills of Maryland for authenticity.

Once inside, the game played out in two acts. The first was well crafted, but the second act was the standout.

Additionally, there were some deeply appreciated comforts designed into the late game. With the exception of some exposed hardware, the attention to detail in Escape Blair Witch was fantastic.

A woman crawling in a tunnel looking scared.
Image via Escape Blair Witch


Escape Blair Witch was a theatrical escape room with a moderate level of difficulty.

Core gameplay revolved around searching, making connections, solving puzzles, and doing all of this in an intense, creepy environment.


➕ This adventure brought us into the world of The Blair Witch Project. Fans will appreciate that it did the movie justice and nailed the iconic references. However, you don’t need to know anything about the movie to solve the puzzles or enjoy the escape game.

➕ From the opening moments, we were impressed by the set of Escape Blair Witch. The first scene in act 2 was also especially compelling. We could tell that the designers went to great lengths to make it realistic, and they delivered. Overall, the set looked great.

➖ We could occasionally spot the seams in the set where wires or brackets remained visible.

➕ Phenomenal special effects enhanced Escape Blair Witch. These added excitement and ramped up intensity without being overdone, and were especially present in the last act. We loved feeling magic brewing behind closed doors.

➕/➖ The gameplay was functional, but uninspired. The puzzles sufficiently gated the experience, but didn’t elevate it. There was a lot of finding codes within the space. Some of the gameplay felt dated, especially early on, but it worked.

➖ The experience would have greatly benefitted from a louder, clearer first puzzle to pull teams into the world.

➕ The hint system for each act fit with the experience. In the first act, what can typically be a burdensome hint system worked well because it was narratively justified, and more of an in-world dialogue than a one-way push of puzzle hints.

➕ The finale was dramatic, exciting, and memorable.

➕ Escape Blair Witch balanced high throughput with gameplay. This was a game in 2 acts, and when a team moved to the second act, another team started behind them in the first act. There were guardrails in place to keep teams moving regardless of their puzzle-solving skills or fear level. The structure of the experience was thoughtfully designed.

➕/➖ There are two admission types: At $45.99 per player, General Admission is a ticket into a public group of up to 8 players. At $65.99 per player, the Private VIP Experience gives your group a private booking. For escape room players traveling to Las Vegas, the Private VIP Experience is the only way to play. It’s expensive, but not unreasonably so, considering the production value of the experience and the cost of entertainment in Las Vegas. With a private game, the in-game actor can tailor their role to the needs of your group. Public ticketing is a gamble, and with the throughput model, if you take the gamble, you could easily find yourself unable to play the game as you’d like. (Note, for fans of The Blair Witch Project, there is also the $85.99 Private VIP Package that includes swag, and if that’s your thing, the swag appeared to be high quality.)

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Disclosure: Escape Blair Witch provided media discounted tickets for this game. Additionally, if you click the button above to book, Room Escape Artist receives a small commission.

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