Sacramento, California: Escape Room Recommendations

Latest update: February 20, 2023

California’s capital city and the surrounding region are home to a handful of stellar escape rooms.

While Sacramento may not yet be an escape room destination in and of itself, the top rooms here showcased beautiful sets and strong puzzling. If you’re in the Bay Area, Sacramento would make a great day trip.

We also have recommendations for San Francisco and San Jose.

Image: Tower Bridge with fireworks behind it. Text: Sacramento, California Escape Room Guide

Market Standouts

  1. The Legend of the Skull Witch, Enchambered🔒
  2. CONDEMNED2: The Box, NorCal Escape Co
  3. The Whispering Halls, Enchambered
  4. Capitol Treasure, NEO Escape Rooms
  5. Sweet Revenge, Quandary Escape Rooms
  6. Haunted Train, NEO Escape Rooms

Set & Scenery Driven



 🔒 Golden Lock award winning experience

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