Williamsburg, VA: Escape Room Recommendations

Latest update: February 23, 2022

Williamsburg, Virginia, is a popular tourist destination… but it’s known for colonial history, not escape rooms.

This guide will help you decide which of the 3 local escape room companies to visit:

  • Colonial Escape
  • Operation Escape
  • Room Escape Williamsburg

On our short visit to Williamsburg, we didn’t have time to play every game at every venue, but we asked each company to direct us to their standout experience. Each game excels in a different way.

Williamsburg, VA Escape Room Guide, depicts a lit tower with fireworks exploding around it.


For a heart-pumping adventure, book The Chesapeake Bay Butcher at Colonial Escape Room. This is a legitimately terrifying game that still packs puzzley gameplay. There aren’t many horror games of this caliber on the East Coast.

In addition to being a great horror game, this was by far the most memorable escape game in the region.


To keep your escape room experience thematically connected to the rest of Williamsburg tourism, book The Battle of Yorktown at Room Escape Williamsburg. It has a fun time travel mechanic.


For an approachable escape game with a fun theme and a good balance of set design and gameplay, book Gold Rush at Operation Escape. It will be especially great for newer players or those traveling with kids.

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