Escape Room Geeks – Saving the Beauty of Winter [Hivemind Review]

Saving the Beauty of Winter is a print-and-play game for kids, created by Escape Room Geeks.

Fingers holding a game piece for a "Donut World" storefront.


Style of Play:

  • Play on demand
  • Print-and-play

Required Equipment: Computer with internet connection, printer, scissors, glue or tape

Recommended Team Size: 3-4 kids per group

Play Time: 45-60 minutes (for kids; 10 minutes for adults)

Note that the cutting and printing is time substantial.

Price: $29

Booking: purchase and play at your leisure


The evil inventor Swen Hemerson has created a machine to destroy snow, so you must track him to his secret lab, find the machine, and destroy it. These three challenges are presented via a 26-page PDF to be printed and played in order. Each challenge consists of connecting several pieces of information to produce a numerical code.

This is a game for kids, so the primary play mode assumes that an adult is acting as the gamemaster and gating progress through the challenges. However, the How-to-Play guide includes a “Play Along Webpage” that can be used to validate the codes and provide hints.

This game advertises its use for multiple groups of 2-5 kids racing against each other.

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Houdini’s Secret Room [Hivemind Review]

Houdini’s Secret Room is a print-and-play escape game for kids made by creators based in Macedonia.

Houdini's Secret Room papers printed with scissors, a pen, a stapler, and a gluestick.


Style of Play: print-and-play escape game

Required Equipment: printer, pen and paper, scissors; stapler/ tape is recommended

There was a lot to be printed and one reviewer noted some issues with the orientation of the paper. There was some cutting, but the stapler/ tape only needed to be used once.

Recommended Team Size: 1-4

Play Time: 60 minutes

Price: $29

Booking: buy from the website and play at your leisure


To play this game, a gamemaster prints and prepares materials for three challenges. Each challenge results in a code or key that the players tell to the gamemaster. The gamemaster verifies the answer against a digital walkthrough file and permits the players to proceed if the answer is correct.

If you want to play this game along with your kids without serving as a gamemaster, you need to access to the supplementary website to validate answers instead of the walkthrough file.

Note: The design and content of this game are for children.

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