Real Life Escape the Room 101

The Geek Whisperer

I’ve completed real life room escapes in three different countries. I am starting to pick vacation destinations based on the presence of room escapes (no joke). It’s become a bit of an obsession… So I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the puzzles, and how to approach completing them.

I’m writing this because I want teams to get better at these games so that puzzle-masters are forced to make more challenging games.

What Is This Madness?

What is a real life room escape?

A group of people are locked in a room. The room is a puzzle that is filled other puzzles. Solve them within 60 minutes to find the key and leave.

And if we fail?

You don’t get to savor a victory.

This isn’t some horror movie. No one is going to kill you, or steal a kidney.

Is it dangerous?

So long as you aren’t a…

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